Emerald City Trapeze Arts – Maui

Since Emerald City Trapeze Maui opened its doors December 2012, people have been learning to fly through the air with the greatest of ease! Located in Lahaina on Maui, first-time fliers and advanced aerialists alike have a rare opportunity to fly through the air on the only Flying Trapeze rig in the Hawaiian Islands! With a location overlooking the island and a rig that stretches two stories into the air, Emerald City Trapeze Maui is one of the island’s finest attractions.

First-time students are welcomed into the fold, and are inducted into the world of flying trapeze through our Ground School, a 20-30 minute introduction to the rig, take-off techniques, flight, their first trick, and their dismount into the net. During the remaining 90 minutes, students will wear harnesses and take turns flying through the air on our full-sized trapeze rig, practicing the knee-hang trick, and even going for the catch with one of our experienced instructors at the end of class if they’re ready.

Welcome to Paradise.

Ready To Fly?